Helping your child prepare for kindergarten

Entering kindergarten is a big milestone for children. It’s usually the first place where a child will learn how to read, write, and interact with other children of their age. When a child reaches 5 years old, it is normally deemed for them to start kindergarten already. But the question is, is your child prepared for it? Before you start applying for child care placements, make sure to determine if your kid is ready to go to kindergarten.

Your child’s readiness can influence the way they will perceive school later on. If they start kindergarten on a bad foot, this could affect their motivation and self-esteem. They might associate going to school as a negative experience. Thus, it’s important to know if your child is developmentally ready for the classroom activities in child care centres.

Signs that your child is ready for kindergarten

There are several signs that will help you determine if your kid is ready for kindy. Aside from the typical age of 5 years old where Australian children usually start, take a look at these factors as well. Click here Lady Gowrie

  • Displays excellent motor skills

Take note if your child can already hold a crayon or pencil, doodle or trace shapes, hop and skip without stumbling, or ride a bike with training wheels. These will determine whether your child has developed good motor skills and coordination for their age. Additionally, a child who can already manage their bathroom needs is very likely to be ready to enter a child care centre.

  • Knows personal information

It’s important to teach your child how to say their full name, age, and even their birthday. Once your child masters his personal information, it will be easier for them to remember the name of their peers and teachers as well. Some children can even memorise the full names of their parents and their occupations. It’s a sign that your child is ready for long day care.

  • Interacts well within a group

Your child might have gone to playdates with other children, or they might have siblings or cousins whom they play with at home. In kindergarten centres, there will be far more children with strange faces and different personalities. If you can see that your child feels comfortable in groups where there are a lot of children and some adults, then it’s a good sign that they will do fine in kindy.

  • Counts numbers and knows the letters

Children usually learn how to count numbers and recite the alphabet at age 4. However, it’s perfectly alright if your child hasn’t mastered all of these – that’s what kindergarten is for. As long as they can count from one to ten and recognise letters, it’s a go signal for you to start Googling ‘community kindergarten near me’.

  • Follows simple instructions

Another sign that your child will do well in a classroom setting is when they can follow simple instructions at home. Tasks such as putting their toys back in order, wiping their spills, or changing their clothes will help them follow instructions given by their future teacher.

Knowing when your child is ready for kindergarten will help both of you prepare well for their academic journey. Lady Gowrie QLD is a non-profit childcare centre in Queensland, providing excellent education for children in their early years.